The Dinosaur Unit


Kids are absolutely fascinated by Dinosaurs!  There are so many teachable moments in this unit that each year I consider extending it.  


Decorating the classroom/props

I have large wooden puzzles that I will assemble and hang from the ceiling.  I also have a few inflatable dinosaurs that will decorate the classroom.


Dinosaur Morning Work:

Objective:  Vocabulary recognition, copying

Simply copy the computer vocabulary words on the lines below.  The kids do this assignment first thing in the morning while everyone is arriving.


Dinosaur Cutting

Objective:  Fine motor, puzzle solving

The kids are given sheets with assorted dinosaur bones on them and they cut them out and glue them onto their paper in any configuration they want.  It is really interesting to see what dinosaurs they create.  This is a great initial cutting exercise because unlike the cutting exercise that will follow, there is no correct way to glue them onto the paper.  They can be very creative.


Dinosaur Memory Game

Objective:  Following rules,

memory/concentration skills

This can be bought in most toy

stores.  Each time the kids flip

over a card have them say whether

the dinosaur is a plant eater or a

meat eater.  



Dinosaur Math

Objective:  Number value, number formation

During the unit the students will learn the Greater Than/ Less Than concept.  I first tell them to pretend they are a hungry dinosaur and tell them that if they are hungry they always want to eat the most.  I teach them that the Greater Than/ Less Than sign is a dinosaur mouth and the mouth always points towards the larger number as if it were eating the berries (dots).  I have the kids fill in the outside boxes with the number of berries and then fill in the middle box with the greater than/less than sign.  I of course also teach them about the = sun.


Greater Than/Less Than with only numbers

Objective:  Number value, number formation

Once the dot sheet gets too easy the students do the sheets with only numbers.


Dinosaur Coloring

Objective:  Fine motor coloring

It is very easy to find dinosaur coloring books and in the Fall coloring pictures is a great fine motor exercise for the kids to work on their pencil/crayon grip as well as coloring in the lines and general dexterity.


Dinosaur Vocabulary Sheet

Objective:  Vocabulary reinforcement, copying

The kids have to write the names of several different dinosaurs using their initial consonant clues.


Dinosaur Mazes

Objective:  Fine motor

The student weave their way through dinosaur themes mazes.  These are great fine motor activities.


Dinosaur Dot-to-dots

Objective:  Fine motor, number recognition

The students complete dinosaur dot-to-dots.  You can put a number line in front of the kids if the sheets count higher than the students are able to, they can usually follow along with a number line.


Dinosaur Floor Puzzles

Objective:  Fine motor, team work, puzzle solving

The students, in groups of 5, complete large dinosaur floor puzzles.


Dinosaur Art:

Objective:  Fine motor

The kids paint pictures of all sorts of dinosaurs!



Dinosaur Mural in Class!

Objective:  Fine motor

We have a large white wall in our class that we paint thematic murals on.










Dinosaur Language Arts

Our language arts assignments for the unit are writing about a different species of dinosaur each day.


Dinosaur Wooden Puzzles

These incredible wooden puzzles are placed out (all 4 different boxes) and I allow the kids to make whatever dinosaur creation they want.  The results are hilarious!


Dinosaur Sewing

Somewhere I picked up these sewing dinosaurs which is a great fine motor activity for them in the Fall.


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