Geography in K29


Our Geography Unit begins during our “Construction Thematic Unit” when we construct a small scale model of our city, Santa Monica, California.

The students build our city out of whatever materials they want (milk cartons, shoe boxes,...).

The students practice their building skills with the “No Ends” building tools and several great ipad apps.

I believe it is so important for the kids to learn about the city in which they live and the community members within their city.


Once the city is built we begin our “Pirate Buried Treasure Unit”.

During this unit the students will learn their directions while they acquire the maps to “Blackbeard’s Treasure”!

The students learn their directions and map reading using grid maps that I created.  The students also learn initial U.S. Geography thru cutting exercises and some great iPad apps.

On the last day of school, using Google Earth and Maps and a pirate map we found, we pursue Blackbeard through the streets of Santa Monica with use of his maps which lead us to his treasure!


Our Geography Unit!