My Smartboard Ideas

For all the SMARTBOARD/NOTEBOOK activities please click here visit our Teachers Pay Teachers Store

I use the Smartboard for almost all areas of my curriculum.  All of my activities are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I love how the Smartboard reinforces the “tripod” grip for my students.

I have a tablet and Elmo that I rarely use.

The new Smart Tables are amazing but very expensive!

I keep a Google Doc about how to fix my IWB.

Smart or Promethean?

They are the same...

I don’t use all the bells and whistles in the Notebook software, I prefer to keep things simple...

I use the Smartboard for conferences if a parent cannot attend.

Here is a good example of a station that has 4 kids doing an activitiy on paper and taking turns on the Smartboard.

We do all our brainstorming and whole group language arts on the Smartboard.

I love doing directed art lessons on the Smartboard.  I record them using the record button.

I used to have my kids check in using magnets but now I have them do it on the Smartboard.

They drag their name over.

Last name, phone #,...

Self Portraits using the


Graphing during check in!

Direct art!

Reverse Mystery Word!

Positive Discipline!

Sight word tic tac toe.

Sight word checkers and

connect 4!