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The GOLF Unit!


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The Golf Unit is a kid and parent favorite!


Decorating the classroom/props

I had a dad build a sloped putting green in the classroom!  Remember, this is only a 2 week unit so I do not have a putting green in my room for 40 weeks!


Morning Work:

Objective:  Vocabulary recognition, copying

Simply copy the computer vocabulary words on the lines below.  The kids do this assignment first thing in the morning while everyone is arriving.


Golf Cutting

Objective:  Fine motor, puzzle solving

PGA LOGO and other golf pix


Golf Ball Memory Game

I found a parent to cut golf balls in half so that I could create my own memory game!




The kids practice their putting and counting by putting golf balls.


Golf Vocabulary Sheet

The kids learn all the golf vocabulary through bingo and vocab sheets.


Golf Art:

Objective:  Fine motor

The kids draw golf courses and golfers.  I do an Andy Warlohl like art project with 4 identical pix colored differently.


 Golf Language Arts

All our writing is about the game of golf.