The iPad guide DOES NOT include the following apps that I have recently discovered!

My Favorite Apps:

BEST APP EVER!  This is where I find most of my apps and they are FREE!


App Gratis - another good free app resource, not all the apps are free but it is still worth checking everyday.

REMIND 101 - great way to text your students or families.  They cannot text you back.  You can schedule texts to send in the future.  It is incredibly easy to set up your groups, the group members just text a phrase to a number and then they are automatically signed up for that group!

Language Arts:

Letter Tower  - Boggle meets Jenga!

Letter Slider - good word building game

Word Bird - word spelling game

PicknSpell  - good spelling game


Monster gets sick

Spooky Manor


Numbler  - scrabble with number equations!

Geared 2 - good for spacial reasoning

fruitopia - find 3 similar fruits in a row!  great fine motor also

flow plus

Trizen - great pattern block alternative

Chekked - interesting checkers-like board game


Paint Studio - standard painting app

art rage - painting app

draw monsters (i luv to draw monsters) - very cute drawing tutorial

Fine Motor:

Finger Balance - amazing fine motor activity,  pushing a bar up while balancing a marble on the rod.

Jungle Picnic - very cute

hyperball - fun game

Fire Finger - great white board replacement

plight of the zombie - fun game in which you plot the journey of a little zombie

Blendamaze - balancing marble game

Dark Nebula - great alternative to Labrynth!

Pocket Trucks - fun little car racing game

Princess Fairy - cute fine motor placement game


Love Me Not - fun game where you shoot bugs with flower pedals.  combines tilting the ipad with a shooting game.

Turnacle - puzzle solving, very interesting

Puzzle Dozer - guiding little bulldozers

lazors - aligning lasers, introduction to angles

Puzzle Lido - turns ANY of your photos in puzzles

Frog on Ice - cute game

Kids Dental - cute oral hygiene tutorial


Self Timer HD - now your camera has a timer!

Dead Yourself - for fans of the Walking Dead.  Turn anyone into a zombie!

Cat Cam - Dr. Suess cam, SO CUTE

pic caption - add captions to your pictures

pencil camera - turns any photo into a work of art!  very cool

blur - blurs out faces like in a courtroom

clearmark - adds a clear caption to any photo to keep people from reusing it as their own

pic stitch - stitch many photos into one phone.  so easy to use!

title Fx - add titles and captions to your photos

instagenius - adds effects to any photo

postale - turns your photo into a very cool postcard


Redbox - I am a big movie renter and it's really cool to be able to browse movies that are available at my local red box.

Clue Word - fun word game

Words with Friends - scrabble

Feast or Famine - cute running game

iPad Guide
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