Star Wars!


While the other Kindergartens at my school are learning about fairy tales we are learning about our modern day fairy tale, Star Wars.  Star Wars is all about the relationships between the characters.  The kids are in awe to walk into class after a long winter vacation only to hear the Star Wars music and see the characters standing in the classroom.


Decorating the classroom/props

I have about 30 cardboard Star Wars life size stand ups that I place all around the classroom.  These “standees” range from $14-$30 on



The kids are encouraged to wear nonrestrictive Star Wars costumes if they would like.  No capes, guns or light sabers of course.



I have the Star Wars Main Title playing each morning when the kids enter the room and then the rest of the soundtrack playing the rest of the day.  There are also some very funny parody songs out there.  The kids love the Barry Manilow Star Wars song.


Field Trip:

The great payoff for the Star Wars Unit is Star Wars Movie Day.  I will meet the kids in the classroom at 8am on the Saturday after the unit ends and we will watch ALL SIX Star Wars Movies back to back using a digital projector and a 9 foot movie screen.  I have significantly edited the movies for length and removed a little for content (arms getting cut off and most of the love story and politics).  I give them a ten minute recess in between movies and have parents deliver us snacks and recess.  Until the second trilogy was complete I used to just do Friday night movie nights and show just one of the movies on each Friday night of the unit.


Star Wars Mystery Person

This is the same as mystery word except that each day the mystery person is a Star Wars character.  You may not be able to name 15 Star Wars character but I’ll bet your students will.  You can narrow it down by saying “Today’s mystery person is a good guy from Star Wars”.


Star Wars Morning Work:

Objective:  Fine motor, copying, vocabulary recognition

Simply copy/write the Star Wars character’s name on the lines below.  The kids do this assignment first thing in the morning while everyone is arriving.


Star Wars Coloring

Objective:  Fine motor

Star Wars coloring books are easily purchased.  I will usually have the students color the picture of the character that we wrote about during language arts.


Star Wars Bingo

Objective:  Reading

The students play Star Wars Bingo and immediately learn the names of the major characters in one day.


Star Wars Vocabulary

Objective:  Fine motor copying, character and word recognition

The students write/copy the names of the Star Wars characters next to their picture.


Star Wars Number Maze by 1’s

Objective:  Number recognition, fine motor

This is a good introduction to number mazes and is a nice extension of dot-to-dots.


Star Wars Cutters

Objective:  Fine motor, puzzle solving

Students reassemble picture of Star Wars characters.


Star Wars Painting

Objective:  Fine motor, art

Students paint and color pictures of Star Wars characters.


Star Wars Dot-to-dots

Objective:  Fine motor, number recognition

Students complete dot-to-dots of their favorite Star Wars characters.


Star Wars Cutting Characters:

Objective:  Fine motor, puzzle solving

The students have to reassemble pictures of their favorite Star Wars characters.  The first time they do this they simply paste the squares on top of the finished picture.  The second time they do this they have to paste the picture together without the finished picture on the page.


Star Wars Listening Center/Reading Circle

Objective:  reading, book skills

There are tons and tons of Star Wars Books for kids.


Star Wars Mystery Word

Objective:  Copying, reading, brainstorming


Star Wars Reverse Mystery Word

Objective:  Reading, listening

Reverse mystery word is a reading exercise in which the students are trying to guess the mystery word from a long list of words.  They ask the adults at the table “Is it Boba Fett” and the adult keeps saying “no...” until it’s almost time to rotate, then the adult takes the next guess and says “YES!  You got it!”  Each time the adult says “no” they students have to find the word on the list and cross it out.


Star Wars Characters on the table

Objective:  Number recognition, vocabulary recognition, copying

I paint numbers 1-10 on the top of the kidney shaped table and line up Star Wars action figures on the numbers and the kids have to write the names of the characters 1-10 on the character sheet.  After the kids write the names they can then circle alien/human/droid or good guy/bad guy.


Star Wars Art

Objective:  Fine motor

The kids love painting pictures of their favorite characters.  Their Yoda’s turn out so cute!  One year we have a superstar parent make clay Jabba the Hutts with the kids and some of them still have them!  The students will also do the Star Wars logo in yellow crayon then black water color over it for a relief painting.


Star Wars Word Search

Objective:  Matching, readingI am a huge fan of word searches in Kindergarten!  The students will complete this word search and cross out the words they find as they go along.  As the unit goes on they students will get a word search without the words at the bottom, they have to write in the words as they find them in the word search.


Star Wars Vocabulary Sheet

Objective:  Fine motor, reading

The students fill in the vocabulary sheet


Character Sheets with words at the bottom

Objective:  Reading, copying

Each character has a sheet with several words at the bottom that the kids need make sentences out of.





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